Letter to Celtic FC

The Cynic is providing the below text as a starting point for anyone who might want to correspond with Celtic FC regarding the management of the Club during the 20/21 Season. Please feel free to copy and paste the text below in bold for this purpose.

We recommend addressing your correspondence to

Club Chairman, Mr Ian Bankier via the SLO, JP Taylor at jptaylor@celticfc.co.uk

Subject line: FAO Mr Ian Bankier RE Concerns regarding the management of Celtic Football Club

You can also address written correspondence to:

Celtic Football Club, Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE

Please feel free to copy and paste the text below:

Dear Mr. Bankier,

Following a number of key incidents over the course of the 2020/21 season, I am writing to voice my discontent around the running of Celtic Football Club. As you will be aware, opportunities for fans to express their opinions directly to the Club are extremely limited this season as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and with that in mind I hope you will appreciate the gravity of this correspondence.

Celtic Football Club have had a period of unprecedented domestic success, which has been enjoyed by all associated with the Club. However, this success should not distract from the disappointment of the hugely important 2020/21 season. As fans we have not seen any consequences or accountability being taken for the substantial drop in standards of decision making and poor results both on and off the pitch.

As a fanbase we have spent and continue to spend significant amounts of money on merchandise, Celtic TV subscriptions and Season Tickets despite being currently unable to access the stadium. This investment highlights the loyalty and dedication of Celtic fans during a period of understandable financial hardship for many. Recent demonstrations outside the stadium also highlight the desperation of fans to make their voices heard whilst unable to be inside Celtic Park itself. The image of Celtic Park being physically fenced-off from fans is something that will linger long in the memory, serving as a strong reminder of the perceived disconnect between fans and the Board.

Most recently, the decision to travel to Dubai during a worsening situation with COVID-19 embodies the failings of the Club to understand the feeling of fans and to operate in-line with Celtic’s core values. At a time where fans are unable to see friends and family or visit loved ones in hospital, the decision to visit Dubai demonstrates a lack of social awareness and is in direct contradiction with the realities of fan’s lives – many of whom are key workers who have no choice but to understand the severity of this crisis. The trip has also had further severe consequences for the team on the pitch.

I am deeply disappointed that the Board appear unable to understand that unnecessary international travel during such a period would add to fan’s frustration and bring further scrutiny and criticism to the Club. Celtic Football Club is the only major club in the UK to have taken players abroad during this winter period.

The Celtic website highlights that “the Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people” and it is my belief that these actions do not align with that ambition. The Club’s statements have consistently evaded responsibility for decisions made and communications from the Club this season have been continually detached from reality for most fans.

A number of key questions remain to be answered:

  • What, if any of the promised “added value” will be afforded to season ticket holders for the remainder of the season?
  • What, if any, plans are in development to reward fans’ loyalty in the 2021/22 season?
  • Will fans be informed of the outcome of the review of progress promised in the club’s statement of December 7th 2020? If so, what is the process for informing fans of the scope and outcome of the review?
  • How does the Board understand its responsibility to be accountable to the fans? How is this responsibility fulfilled in practice?
  • Have the Board considered any mechanisms for increased fan voice and input in the decision-making of the club?

In the words of the late, great Jock Stein, “Football without fans is nothing”. Celtic Football Club provides a source of positivity, hope and purpose for fans the world over. Whilst not expecting unending dominance of domestic football, Celtic fans expect to be treated with dignity and respect by those who manage our football club. The issues raised in this correspondence run much deeper than performances on the pitch and extend to the very foundations of our Club. I am deeply concerned by the continued negligence, opacity, and lack of respect afforded to us.

I look forward to receiving your prompt response to the specific questions set out in this correspondence.